Dear A.M.S. I want to thank your staff for the extra mile they went to get my subscription problems fixed. Besides a heck-of-a-deal with your low prices, you went above & beyond your duty to ensure my satisfaction. It's people like your staff that makes a good company a GREAT one.

Juan G. - Beaumont, TX

Dear AMS, Wow! I can't believe it! The magazines I ordered from you showed up here in just FOUR WEEKS! That's a LOT less than what you said I should expect. Thanks!

Clifton Y. - Seagoville, TX

Just a short letter to let you know I have now received all my magazine subscriptions. I previously had a late problem and wrote you about the situation. You have rectified all problems, so thank you. I will be ordering more mags shortly.

Clayton J. - Umatilla OR

American Magazine Service, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my subscription issues. It was above what you were responsible for. That's why I have no problem ordering more magazines from your company. Thank you for going the extra mile for me. I can't imagine how many letters you get each month about things like this. Thank you for responding to mine.

Travis W. - Adelanto, CA